Cthulhu Lantern


Well, it’s about time I posted something special to honor the Great Old Ones!  Here’s my contribution to the good ol’ pumpkin carving tradition…a pulpy gourd with a carven image of a pulpy fictional deity. I’ll tell you one thing…this took me forever to do, but the taste of Cthulhu’s pumpkin seeds baked with a little salt and soy sauce was a great pay-off! Thanks for the delicious snacks Cthulhu…you’re the best.

The Monsters in My Life

Forest Monster

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always loved being scared and I especially love monsters! When I was a kid I would pretend that monsters lived under every piece of furniture and in every dark corner of the house. I would pretend that huge beasts roamed the forest near my grandparents house, and that I was the guardian that kept them there. However at the same time I was afraid of the dark! I would constantly ask my older brother to walk me to the bathroom at night, or go into dark rooms ahead of me to turn the lights on. At bedtime I hated turning the lights off and trying to get under the covers before darkness enveloped the room. Hah! Some guardian I was. But I loved it, and whenever I wanted a thrill I would just let my imagination run wild! I quickly learned that there is some kind of attraction to fear that, I think, we’re all born with. Monsters have always symbolized something big and scary that you have to conquer, and I think that’s rather appropriate. You see, in life, it’s only through conquering our fears and struggles that we can truly change and grow. So since October seems to be the month when monsters are everywhere, here’s an illustration dedicated to the monsters in my life…BEWARE, FOR SOON I WILL CONQUER YOU!