Francis Darville - Renown Medium and So Much More

A character and graphic design study for Francis Darville, resident spiritualist and shaman of the Yehey Expedition.  This would be a poster, lobby card or flyer for one of his live public seances, and is inspired by vintage posters and adverts of the early 1900's.  

Francis is a man of many talents, namely that of shamanistic practices and being a skilled medium in communicating with the dead.  He's quite the showman!  But this a gross exploitation of his spiritual prowess. However a man's gotta eat, er...not really since he's a living mummy, but you get the idea.


Ganda-Ganda Advert

Here’s a quick little illustrated advert for my wife’s blog, Ganda-Ganda. The word “ganda” is the short form of the Tagalog word “maganda (mah-gan-dah),” which translates to “beautiful.” So basically her blog name translates to “beautiful-beautiful.” She’ll be posting tons of photos of all our travels, eats and holiday themed goodness. So drop by her blog and tell her how much you like it!