Awkward Korean 02 - City Hunter

Awkward Korean 02 - City Hunter

If you know me, then you know I have a talent for overreacting to things. Such was the case when a key character from City Hunter, a Korean drama, was killed off! The featured picture is a literal translation of my wife and I’s reaction to the death of Prosecutor Kim Young Joo. He was a beloved character who operated on idealism, and sacrificed his own desires for what was right…and they killed him! They just killed him! Curse you Korean dramas for sucking me into your world of emotional turmoil!

Awkward Korean 01 - Basic Hangul

Since the wife and I are moving to Korea, we’ve been doing our best to beef up on our Hangul skills (Korean language and writing skills). I’m a Level 1 learner right now, so I’m learning very-very basic Hangul right now, and today I learned how to say “This is coffee!” I can only imagine how my simple Korean would play out if it were put to the test…I imagine it would go something like the awkward conversation pictured here.

Awkward Korean 01


Me: “This is coffee!”

Random Korean Barista: “Yes…that’s right. This…IS coffee…”

Oh swizzle-sticks! I gotta get better at Hangul…quick-fast!