James and Ari

This video is dedicated to our good friends, James and Ari. We only knew them for a short time, but in the “pressure cooker” of being an ESL teacher in Korea, it was more than enough time for us to realize and appreciate what wonderful people they are. James and Ari, we miss you and will definitely make it out to the UK to see you soon.

Chuseok 2011

In light of Noelle and I not having an American Thanksgiving due to sickness, I present to you a Chuseok video. Chuseok is Korea’s Thanksgiving equivalent. There wasn’t any turkey and pie, but there was definitely delicious meats and heotteok (a fried Korean pancake filled with nuts, cinnamon and sugar). Yum! There’s also heaps of Busan attractions, so we hope you enjoy our lovely city!