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Hairy at the Heels on

Hairy at the Heels Icon

I made this illustrated icon of my own website for my wife’s blog. The inspiration? Well it’s getting a bit chilly here in Busan, so I broke out the old pipe over the weekend. Unfortunately I forgot that I needed to buy some tobacco. Disappointed, I decided to make my icon an illustration of what I wish was reality. Either way you should checkout my wife’s blog, where you can see this icon in all it’s tiny glory amongst other amazing things.

Meeting Sasquatch

Meeting Sasquatch

I’ve finally finished it. After pushing through all my summer camp planning, I’ve managed to carve out some time to finish this guy. Our two adventurers finally meet the illusive Sasquatch. He’s definitely a nice guy, really down to earth. We made plans to go grab a pizza later this week. Hah hah! I hope you guys like it…now, onto the NEXT ILLUSTRATION!!!

Meeting Sasquatch - WIP 01

Meeting Sasquatch - WIP01

Here’s a mildly clean sketch from the wife and I’s collab project. The next step is correcting and adjusting a few things about the sketch…then base colors. I’m so excited because it’s been a while since I’ve illustrated, and what better way to kick it off than with the Sasquatch. Oh Sasquatch…I wish I could meet you fo’ reals-ies!

EPIK Orientation Fall 2011

This is a culmination of all the fun times we had frolicking around Jeonju, South Korea with our new friends. It’s hard to believe that we could sit through 8-9 hours of classes and still find time to hang out with friends, hike up mountains and explore temples. It was an intense week, but it was all worth it. Don't forget to subscribe to my wife and I’s travel channel on YouTube.

Pachechi (pah-chee-chai)

VIntage Pachechi

Here is an old vector sketch of my wife as a little kid. Her nickname growing up was “Pachechi” (pronounced “pah-chee-chai” ). It’s derived from the name Patricia. My wife has a lot of what the Koreans call “aegyo,” which means “cuteness.” So it’s easy to picture this little caricature of her bouncing around the house and creating mischief. In any event, I’ve since then revamped this character and will be posting more of her soon.