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Francis Darville - Renown Medium and So Much More

A character and graphic design study for Francis Darville, resident spiritualist and shaman of the Yehey Expedition.  This would be a poster, lobby card or flyer for one of his live public seances, and is inspired by vintage posters and adverts of the early 1900's.  

Francis is a man of many talents, namely that of shamanistic practices and being a skilled medium in communicating with the dead.  He's quite the showman!  But this a gross exploitation of his spiritual prowess. However a man's gotta eat, er...not really since he's a living mummy, but you get the idea.

Festival of Joy Game Banners

Festival of Joy Game Banners

Yet another holiday event comes around, and my pal Ash and I must shoulder the duty of creating a butt-load of banners for carnival games in less than 6 hours. I really live for crunch times like this! Here are a few from my batch that I thought were real winners. My favorite is definitely “Come Back To Jesus.” You gotta love the cheesiness.

Light Night 2010 Game Banners

Light Night 2010 Banners

At work we’ve been so busy preparing for our alternative Halloween event which requires tons of carnival game banners. However they all have to “be done yesterday.” Don’t you hate it when people say that? So my friend Ashley and I have spent the past 2 days just churning out banners.  Some were winners, others not so much.  Here are 4 hand picked winners.