EPIK Orientation Fall 2011

This is a culmination of all the fun times we had frolicking around Jeonju, South Korea with our new friends. It’s hard to believe that we could sit through 8-9 hours of classes and still find time to hang out with friends, hike up mountains and explore temples. It was an intense week, but it was all worth it. Don't forget to subscribe to my wife and I’s travel channel on YouTube.

Incheon - Day 1

We're finally in Korea! I'll be documenting our first few days here as well as orientation. So here is Day 1 of our 3 day stay in Incheon, South Korea before orientation. Hope you enjoy watching us get lost and experiencing a new culture, and don't forget to subscribe our travel channel on YouTube.

Goodbye To Calvary Chapel

Since I’m moving to Korea to teach English, I had to resign from my position at Calvary Chapel last week. This was my first week of being officially unemployed, yet I couldn’t keep myself out of the editing chair. So here is a completely self-indulgent goodbye video to the best job and crew in the world! Although teaching in Korea will be rewarding in its own way, I hope and pray that God blesses me with another opportunity like this one in the future.

Awkward Korean 01 - Basic Hangul

Since the wife and I are moving to Korea, we’ve been doing our best to beef up on our Hangul skills (Korean language and writing skills). I’m a Level 1 learner right now, so I’m learning very-very basic Hangul right now, and today I learned how to say “This is coffee!” I can only imagine how my simple Korean would play out if it were put to the test…I imagine it would go something like the awkward conversation pictured here.

Awkward Korean 01


Me: “This is coffee!”

Random Korean Barista: “Yes…that’s right. This…IS coffee…”

Oh swizzle-sticks! I gotta get better at Hangul…quick-fast!