Bachelor Night

Bachelor Night

Every once in a blue moon my wife hangs out with a girlfriend or two, which gives me a free night to myself. I usually call up a friend to hang out and watch a movie or play video games with. However I’ve been a little hermetic as of late, so I usually end up watching old episodes of Ultraman and eating Red Baron microwavable pizza. What you see is the exact portrayal of those bachelor nights where I am as happy as a geeky pig in slop.

Childhood Trauma - "The Exorcist"

Childhood Trauma - The Exorcist

So I’m guessing my affinity to scary movies had something to do with the fact that parental discretion was not properly exercised in my family. I remember watching The Exorcist at a the ripe age age of 7 or 8 years old. Either way, that’s way too young to be watching a movie like this! Hah hah! I remember having anxiety every time I heard the music from this movie, and there was no way I’d be eating my mom’s pea soup for at least a month. The worst is that scene where that weird-creepy face pops up in the shadows. Oh gosh! I remember not wanting to open my eyes in my darkened bedroom for fear of seeing it on my ceiling. In retrospect, this movie isn't that scary. However it definitely made other scary movies look like Disney flicks at the time. So "The Exorcist," bad on the nerves, but good for building…character?