The Lost Land of Yehey: Minisode 1 - You Don't Gnome Me

It's finally here! Check out my first real collaboration project. In this minisode Markus starts his day off with a fresh cup of coffee, and an unexpected visitor who is not what he seems to be.


Script & Voices - Mark & Noelle Cruz

Animation - Mark Cruz

Music - Jessica Rae Huber

The Lost Land of Yehey - Explorer Portraits

Check out these portraits I made for Yehey's intrepid explorers. Click on any one of the portraits to get the skinny on each explorer, and discover more about The Lost Land of Yehey series.  More portraits will be revealed as the series progresses, so stay tuned at the official Yehey website.

Portrait - Lolo
Portrait - Chechi
Portrait - Markus

Pachechi (pah-chee-chai)

VIntage Pachechi

Here is an old vector sketch of my wife as a little kid. Her nickname growing up was “Pachechi” (pronounced “pah-chee-chai” ). It’s derived from the name Patricia. My wife has a lot of what the Koreans call “aegyo,” which means “cuteness.” So it’s easy to picture this little caricature of her bouncing around the house and creating mischief. In any event, I’ve since then revamped this character and will be posting more of her soon.