Seoul 201

Here’s a little video I made of our first trip to Seoul. It took me a while to get to this footage, but I’m glad I put it together. We only stayed there for a few days, but we had lots of fun! We did a lot, but definitely didn’t get see everything. Looking forward to going back and checking out what we missed.

London 2006

After sitting on my shelf for almost 6 years I’ve finally gotten around to editing the footage of my wife and I’s trip to London. This video is very dear to me for a few reasons: (1) This was our honeymoon, which was quite a lovely way to start off our marriage. (2) It has always been Noelle’s dream to experience London first hand. Considering she’s the biggest anglophiliac I know, this was her dream come true! If you notice, I am not in any of the footage, which only confirms my theory: I was not actually on vacation in London. I was just there to document her experience. (3) This video documents our very first trip together, but also the first steps of our great adventure. We’ve traveled to so many places, learned about many cultures, and gained unforgettable experiences. I look forward to the future and all that it will bring.

James and Ari

This video is dedicated to our good friends, James and Ari. We only knew them for a short time, but in the “pressure cooker” of being an ESL teacher in Korea, it was more than enough time for us to realize and appreciate what wonderful people they are. James and Ari, we miss you and will definitely make it out to the UK to see you soon.

Chuseok 2011

In light of Noelle and I not having an American Thanksgiving due to sickness, I present to you a Chuseok video. Chuseok is Korea’s Thanksgiving equivalent. There wasn’t any turkey and pie, but there was definitely delicious meats and heotteok (a fried Korean pancake filled with nuts, cinnamon and sugar). Yum! There’s also heaps of Busan attractions, so we hope you enjoy our lovely city!

EPIK Orientation Fall 2011

This is a culmination of all the fun times we had frolicking around Jeonju, South Korea with our new friends. It’s hard to believe that we could sit through 8-9 hours of classes and still find time to hang out with friends, hike up mountains and explore temples. It was an intense week, but it was all worth it. Don't forget to subscribe to my wife and I’s travel channel on YouTube.

Incheon - Day 2

Here is the summation of our second day in Korea. It rained a lot so there wasn’t much to do. We walked around as much as we could, ate a lot of good food, and camped out in our hotel room whenever the rain was exceptionally disagreeable. Hooray for Korean television and streaming episodes of One Piece! Don't forget to subscribe to my travel channel on YouTube.

Incheon - Day 1

We're finally in Korea! I'll be documenting our first few days here as well as orientation. So here is Day 1 of our 3 day stay in Incheon, South Korea before orientation. Hope you enjoy watching us get lost and experiencing a new culture, and don't forget to subscribe our travel channel on YouTube.