The Lost Land of Yehey: Minisode 1 - You Don't Gnome Me

It's finally here! Check out my first real collaboration project. In this minisode Markus starts his day off with a fresh cup of coffee, and an unexpected visitor who is not what he seems to be.


Script & Voices - Mark & Noelle Cruz

Animation - Mark Cruz

Music - Jessica Rae Huber

Awkward Korean 01 - Basic Hangul

Since the wife and I are moving to Korea, we’ve been doing our best to beef up on our Hangul skills (Korean language and writing skills). I’m a Level 1 learner right now, so I’m learning very-very basic Hangul right now, and today I learned how to say “This is coffee!” I can only imagine how my simple Korean would play out if it were put to the test…I imagine it would go something like the awkward conversation pictured here.

Awkward Korean 01


Me: “This is coffee!”

Random Korean Barista: “Yes…that’s right. This…IS coffee…”

Oh swizzle-sticks! I gotta get better at Hangul…quick-fast!